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    Buy Clash of Clan Accounts at the Best Prices - iGame COC Accounts Market

    Buy and Sell Clash of Clan Accounts at iGame. You can buy one now at a BEST PRICE on iGame! 24/7 Customer Support is avaivale here. Secure Delivery.


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    Buy & Sell COC Accounts - COC Accounts Market

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    Buy and Sell Clash of Clans Accounts at iGame

    With over one hundred million downloads on the Google Play Store and even a Superbowl ad featuring Liam Neeson... Clash of Clans has indisputably put mobile games on the trading community map.

    Developed by the game developer Supercell, Clash of Clans was released way back in 2012, and has been enjoying continuous support both players and developers. It doesn't come as a surprise why, as its intelligent branding, world-building, and playability appeal to all on a wide variety of handsets. The gameplay is simple enough to be picked up by almost anyone, but deep enough to have tons of replayability. No wonder why there are hundreds of Clash of Clans account for sale on the online market.

    To Buy Clash of Clans Account or Not?

    All of these features make Clash of Clans a game that keeps its loyal fanbase coming back for more, and make other people curious enough to become regular players, leveling their own CoC accounts. The problem with new players, however, is that most players already have a well-established base, lots of resources, and are already members of powerful clans. While that fact wouldn't totally affect new players, as the matchmaking system prevents players with more powerful accounts attacking and being attacked by those whose account levels are lower, they are still missing out on content that can only be accessed by long-time players. Additionally, some accounts which have been playing for a long time have the added value of possessing a large collection of gems.

    New players will eventually get to the old players are now having well developed CoC accounts, but it's going to take them a lot of time. Thankfully, they can take a shortcut if they buy Clash of Clans accounts, as there are many veteran players who are selling accounts online. While this is one way to skip all the time-consuming and painstaking effort you have to put into the game just to catch up, using this method could expose you to online scam sites. Not only will they take your money, but also your personal info. Good thing there is iGame, a safe, trusted, and legit site for your gaming needs. There is no need to risk losing anything when you've come to a decision to buy CoC accounts.

    Buy Clash of Clans Accounts
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does it work for COC Account purchase?

    1. After successful payment, we will verify your information for security, then we can deliver the game account information to you via message and email quickly.

    2.Once you have purchased a COC account and received the game account information, please login to this account first to see if there is any problem. After confirmation, you need to change the password of this account as soon as possible to finalize the ownership transfer of the game account.

    If there is a problem with my account after purchase,what should i do?

    1. Account was banned
    if the account that you bought was banned within Warranty Time after delivery (The reason doesn’t include your improper operation), you can ask seller for help.

    2. The delivered COC account doesn’t match the seller’s description
    If you found the delivered lol account doesn’t match the seller’s description, please contact seller, then we will ask the seller about it and try to find a solution. Attention: please make sure that this account doesn’t bind your email.

    3. Account was reclaimed by seller
    If your purchased account was reclaimed due to the seller, After checking, we will ban the seller's account, freeze the seller's income, and refund the payment to you.

    Important notice : All issues must be resolved using iGVault Messages. The content of the communication within the station is the key basis for the final processing 

    What should i pay attention to after buying COC account?

    1.After you purchase a COC account, please change your account password as soon as possible; You cannot change your email address, and you will be officially banned if you change it.

    2.After purchasing a COC account, you cannot change your SuperCell ID. Do not try to contact Supercell officials, as you will be officially banned after contacting them.

    3.Do not hang, run away or insult other players in the game, as these actions may be the reason for account banning.

    4.Do not use third-party plugins or cheat programs, which may lead to account banning.

    5.It is recommended that the purchased can be recharged one month after the date of purchase.

    How to log in and change account information after purchase?

    1.How to login to game?

    1.1 When game history is based on Google play account(supercell ID:Disconnected).

    [Android Phone]
    Just enter the game via Google Play
    1. Enter the game through Google Play via Android device or Emulator, then register your private Supercell ID (Skip this step if you already got the Supercell ID)
    2. Bind the account with your Supercell ID
    3. Use your Supercell ID to log in the game on your IOS device
    1.2 When game history is based on Supercell ID(supercell ID:Connected)
    Just enter the game via Supercell ID


    2.1 Google Play Login:https://youtu.be/cumOJl4sgNE

    2.2 Supercell ID Login:https://youtu.be/L2-0JWq1-e4

    2.3 Connect Supercell ID with your google account:https://youtu.be/ohbChK7NmGY

    2.4 How to change Gmail password:https://youtu.be/F8A0-QtMWQw

    2.5How to login Gmail with recovery email:https://youtu.be/MqE7nAiYAQk

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